BRILLIANT is a consulting and management services company focusing on high-end hotel fitness swimming yoga and spa projects. We specialise in creativity, originality, and we are dedicated to high-end hotel fitness and spa management ideas. At the same time, we are committed to providing new and unique business solutions for all kinds of customers of famous hotel brands. On building up and designing concepts of high-end health maintenance.  (SPA is under brand upgrade and closed from May 1, 2023)

Operating hours:  SPA is under brand upgrade and closed from May 1, 2023
Location : Level 4 
Phone: (86 21)3211 9999×6339

Bali Massage

RMB 680/60 min
Combining moderate force massage with pure essential oil, the treatment helps to release the fatigue and tension on the back and shoulder areas. Experience a joyful balance of body, heart and soul with the rhythmic hands of the therapist. 

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Hawaiian Romance

RMB 980/60 min | RMB1280/90min , Conforming to the principle of meridian circulation, this treatment promotes cell activity, stimulates blood flow, improving the skin cellular tissue, enhances cell regeneration and prevents aging. The deep aroma revives your spirit and completely relaxes your body and mind.

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Brilliant Spa

RMB1280/90min | RMB1580/120min, This treatment begins with a Chinese herbal pouch rich in alkaloid, amino acid, vitamin and plant hormones, which can nourish and protect the skin, improve skin immunity, tonify the kid-neys and spleen, replenish marrow and energy. Strengthen tendons and bones and delay skin aging. As a result of the TCM herbals, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and more flexible in all movement. An exotic essential oil massage follows, further eliminating tiredness and mental stress, making you feel happy and building up your confidence.

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Moisturizing Facial

RMB880/90mins, Rehydrate for your thirsty skin. Advanced moisture complex will effectively longtime prevent water loss of skin, form a water mask for skin, reduce fine lines and dry wrinkles, and instantly regain luster. Ensure you a vibrant and energetic look.

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